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About Spangler and de Stefano, PLLP

At Spangler and de Stefano, PLLP, we are counselors of law who are passionate about providing guidance and insight to business owners and their families. As business owners ourselves, we understand first-hand the challenges and rewards that come along with owning a business, and we want to see you and your business succeed. This is why we take a consultative approach to the law. We focus on finding the best solutions to the legal issues you are currently facing, in order to provide you with the best protection in the future in the event that something bad happens. We provide more than just legal options; we also provide insight from decades of counseling and advising business clients across a wide range of industries, and from owning our own business.

Attorneys Who Approach Business Law From a Proactive and Business Owner Standpoint

The optimal time to hire a business attorney is before you are facing a legal issue. The experienced and compassionate business attorneys at Spangler and de Stefano, PLLP are committed to putting you and your business in the best position possible in the event that something bad happens. As business owners ourselves, we understand the number of hats that you have to wear, and the challenge of fitting everything into your already overscheduled week. We are personally familiar with how hard businesses owners must work every day to ensure the success of our businesses. Unfortunately, if we are not well prepared and protected, our business, our reputation and even our personal assets can all be lost, due to a single mistake or oversight. Legal knowledge provides protection for your business and your family. Taking a proactive, preventive approach to running your business with the support of a trusted business law attorney, accountant, business banker, financial planner and commercial insurance agent is essential to maintain the success of your business.

St. Paul Business Lawyers Focused On Finding Solutions For Business Owners

Over the course of their legal careers, our attorneys have litigated more than a hundred cases. It is this level of experience in the courtroom that gives us the insight that is necessary when handling your case. As litigators, we have greater insight into transactional drafting errors. In other words, litigation provides our attorneys a better understanding and clarity as to best practices in drafting contracts. As appellate attorneys, we have greater insight into the best way to present a case at trial that properly preserves the record for an appeal. Therefore, appealing a case provides our attorneys with best practices in presenting a case where the record is preserved for an appeal.

As business owners ourselves, we understand first-hand the challenges and rewards of being business owners.


The Attorneys

Our lawyers will also represent you in transactional matters such as estate planning: trusts and wills and planning for incapacity; purchasing or selling your business or prenuptial/postnuptial matters.

Evon M. Spangler

Managing Partner

Evon represents business owners with issues affecting both their business and their family in transactional, litigation, and appellate matters, including business disputes, divorce, spousal maintenance, estate planning, business succession planning, breach-of-contract, and buy-sell agreements. She helps her business clients understand the need to protect themselves in the event that something happens.

Perry M. de Stefano


Perry represents business owners in both transactional and litigation matters, as well as appeals with issues affecting both their business and in planning for the end of life and incapacity. He helps his business clients with protecting their assets in the event of a judgment against the business, a divorce or legal separation, and in the event of a death or incapacity of a business owner.