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Sick/Safe Time Ordinances in Saint Paul and Minneapolis

Contrary to popular belief, the Minnesota legislature did not pass a law that disallowed cities, such as Saint Paul and Minneapolis, from passing its own laws related to sick and safe time. As a result, effective July 1, 2017, your business had to cover sick/safe time for your employees as required under the ordinances. It is important to analyze each ordinance separately as it relates to your business as the ordinances, while having several similarities are also vastly different. For example, the Saint Paul ordinance covers every business that has one or more employees the same. On the other hand, under...

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The Death of a Business Owner: The Importance of Buy-Sell Agreements

    Hypothetical: Betty and her sister Amy are equal owners of Betty’s Things, Inc. They have been in business for 10 years, and their business is going well despite the fact that Amy’s husband does not like Betty. Amy's husband does not like Betty because he believes that his wife was entitled to more money from the business than Amy has received. Amy unexpectedly dies in a car accident. Betty contacts an attorney because Amy’s husband called her demanding that the business is dissolved and that Amy’s estate receives two-thirds of the business assets. To add insult, Betty’s Things, Inc. is...

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