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Our Attorneys Are Strategists

Strategy is one of the key tools in a successful litigator’s zealous advocacy in bringing or defending a client in a lawsuit. At Spangler and de Stefano, PLLP, our attorneys focus first on the outcome of the case, and then determine their strategy based on the assumption that a case is going to go to trial. When an attorney or a party does not assume that a case is going to trial, oftentimes, a key piece missing from a matter is the lack of strategy. Our goal is always to resolve a case that is in our client’s best interest and that serves our client’s goals and business interests.  However, if one assumes that a case is going to settle, most likely, your case has not been advocated in a manner that maximizes an outcome in your favor. Our attorneys are strategists. They determine a strategy at the outset of the case, and as additional facts and circumstances become known, our attorneys are always refining their strategies.

Protecting you and your business in the event that something bad happens is our goal.

At our firm, we handle complex business litigation cases — often involving high assets — including those related to:

Business to business disputes

Partnership disputes

Commercial disputes

Divorce involving high business assets

Employment-related disputes

Breach of contract

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