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Transactional Law

Experienced Transactional Attorneys Make Certain That They Understand the Client’s Goals

Spangler and de Stefano, PLLP are experienced transactional lawyers. Transactional law refers to researching, counseling and drafting documents that reflect the goals of individuals and businesses and that puts clients in the best position possible in the event that something bad happens. As transactional attorneys, our lawyers are involved in the day-to-day operations of a business, including drafting contracts, reviewing and designing personnel policies, advising or general governance, risk management and compliance matter. In addition, our attorneys assist clients in meeting their long-terms goals, such as business succession planning and estate planning.

Being Represented by Business Attorneys Who Are Personally Entrepreneurial In Nature Is Beneficial to Business Owners

Our attorneys are entrepreneurial in nature and have been since their youth. Individually or jointly as adults, our attorneys have been owners or founders of a minimum of six businesses. They understand both personally and professionally the challenges and rewards of starting your own business. An integral part of having and maintaining a successful business is taking a proactive, preventive approach to running your business. Our attorneys understand that businesses succeed when businesses avoid mistakes by working with experienced business owner attorneys who understands first-hand the joys and challenges. In being owners or founders of several businesses ourselves, we can provide first-hand knowledge that will assist you in avoiding making the same mistakes that we have made.

We provide passionate guidance and insight to business owners and their families.

A Business Owner is Best Protected Through Quality Customized Documents

Drafting quality customized documents takes skill and expertise. Form contracts rarely provide a business owner with the level of protection that is necessary and prudent. No two businesses in the same industry are exactly alike. In fact, one business’s goals may be drastically different than another business’s goals, which requires completely different contracts. In addition, the operations of a similar business may be apposite, which requires completely different contracts. There are many different ways that a contract may be drafted. A savvy business owner who wants to have and maintain a successful business will want a business attorney to take the time to understand the owner’s goals, its operations, and its options in providing the best protection in the event that something bad happens. The attorneys at Spangler and de Stefano, PLLP work directly one-on-one with the business owner to understand it’s goals and operations in order to provide the owner with its best options.

Transactional Attorneys Understanding of Best Practices in Drafting Documents Are Enhanced When They Are Also Litigation and Appellate Attorneys

As litigators, we have greater insight into transactional drafting errors. In other words, litigation provides our attorneys a better understanding and clarity as to best practices in drafting contracts. As appellate attorneys, we have greater insight into the best way to present a case at trial that properly preserves the record for an appeal. In other words, appealing a case provides our attorneys with best practices in presenting a case where the record is preserved for an appeal.

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