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Be Aware of the Impact of Local Ordinances on Remote Workers

The pandemic has resulted in several businesses allowing their workers to work remotely. In doing so, it is important for a business to review local ordinances to determine whether or not your business is in compliance. For example, sick and safe time laws that have been passed at a local level could require your business to provide sick and safe time to a remote worker in a particular city.

Currently, Minnesota’s largest cities – St. Paul, Minneapolis and Duluth – all have passed sick and safe time ordinances. All three of the city’s ordinances are different. It is extremely important (and less costly) to spend the funds initially on an attorney to ensure you are complying with the ordinances. Analyzing each ordinance separately as it relates to your business is important. For example, in Duluth, businesses with five or more employees must provide sick and safe time to their employees working in Duluth. The consequences for not complying with sick and safe time ordinances (and other local, state and federal employment laws) can be detrimental to a business.

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