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Are you assets going to whom you want them to go to upon your death? If you do not have a will or a trust directing to whom you wish your assets to go to upon your death, the Minnesota legislature has decided that issue for you. Do you agree with the Minnesota legislature’s decision?

But, have you thought that even though you do not have a will and/or trust everyone knows who gets what because you have told people so a will and/or a trust is not necessary? Your oral representations are meaningless and have no authority if you do not have a valid written will and/or a trust (and your estate could have to pay estate taxes depending on the size of your estate).

In the event that you become incapacitated or incompetent, do you have a health care directive (note: a health care directive and a living will serve the same purpose) that names a health care agent(s) to make medical decisions for you, and a power of attorney that names an attorney-in-fact(s) to deal with financial transactions, such as paying the bills, depositing funds, selling assets, etc.? If you do not have these types of documents, then most likely a guardianship will need to be established in court for health care decisions to be made, and a conservatorship will need to be established in court so that bills can be paid, money can be deposited, etc.

Do you have your estate planning documents drafted, but they are not executed? If they are not executed, then they not valid.

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